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Bowser 310 Clock Face
"Xacto Sentry"
 Manufactured 1929 - 1934 
Gas pump
Older restoration by previous owner
Great reasonably pump priced for game room or shop.
Just plug it in and light it up.
Some minor paint scratches, dings and defects in the sheet metal.
The interior of the pump has been blasted and painted.
This pump was in EXCELLENT condition when the prior owner purchased it.
It has new clock faces, Visi-Gauge glass, window and ad glass.
If we had restored this pump it would be selling for $5900. 
Reproduction globe.
ORIGINAL lower access door!
It is hard to find one of these with a decent door or any at all. 







MS 80
MOBIL Script Top
Gas Pump
Manufactured 1951
Older restoration by previous owner
Great reasonably priced for game room or shop.
Just plug it in and light it up.
Reproduction MOBILGAS signs.
Original LEAD signs .
Original lettering in excellent condition.
Some minor paint scratches.  
This is NOT a museum quality restoration, but looks GREAT! 
The computer spins freely when the reset is turned.
The interior of the pump has not been painted.
Normally a Script Top pump like this is in the $5000 range.
So if you want a sharp pump at half the cost, here it is. 





Bennett 132
Clock Face Gas Pump
Manufactured 1932 - 1936

Here is a great survivor pump.
All original except the Visi-Gauge glass, that is new.
Top sheet metal is almost perfect.
Lower sheet metal has one small isolated rust through spot 
and couple of small dents, but super solid otherwise.
Layers of paint have protected this pump.
The previous owner painted it again before we bought it.
Looks pretty good just as it is.
Or you can restore the whole thing.
 The globe White Eagle or DX globe is included, your choice.  
Delivery available.

(White Eagle Globe and decal were just added.)





G&B 96 Gas Pump
Very nice pump
Normal things wrong. Surface rust spots and dings from age.
Top is rusted and insert was missing. We are installing a new top insert.
Computer in great shape, spins freely. Reset instructions are still on the door.
Great to display as is or restore.
Stainless trim on nozzle receiver and reset handle in excellent condition. Just polish. 
All parts for this pump are readily available. 



FRY "Mae West"
5 Gallon Visible Gas Pump
from the
produced in 1925

I was told this pump was on the farm it's entire life. The previous owner
stopped using it about thirty years ago when they had to pull the tank for the EPA.
The pump is all original, with a good original glass cylinder.
Brass shut off valve, hose, nozzle and hail guard. Original adjuster handle.
Reproduction globe is cracked. Globe holder has been replaced (rough).